Saturday, March 28, 2015

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener Has The Most Amazing Results!

I recently received The Priority Chef knife sharpener. I will have to say that this knife sharpener is different from the many other knife sharpeners. Most sharpeners will create a typical straight 'V' shaped finish. This Priority Chef knife sharpener model PC-KN02 will create a concave shaped finish to your knives, which will give an extra sharpness. I couldn't wait to try it out because most of my knives are dull. Let me just say I have new knives now. Not new as in I purchased them but new because they are so sharp and work like a brand new knife, and I have had them for years. This Knife Sharpener has a Ergonomically Designed Handle and Non Slip Base. It is designed to fit comfortably when in use allowing you a firm grip and has a soft, cushioned non-slip base under the steel base! The Stage Knife Sharpening System has 2 stages that can transform any straight edged knife to a new level of sharpness. Stage 1 uses Tungsten carbide blades and should only be used for the dullest of blades. Around 3-4 pulls through this section will Have your knife shape for the the next step. Stage 2 uses 2 ceramic wheels that will give the knives a high quality finish and a razor like edge. However the company does state That this knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic Knifes, so please do not try using them or you may ruin your sharpener. I would highly recommend this Knife Sharpener to friends and family or anyone that cooks and need sharp knives. You will not be disappointed. I can tell you after using this sharpener I am so happy Because I feel like I have all brand new Knives. Here is a link so that you are able to order yours today. #prioritychef I received this product in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and opinions are 100% my own!