Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal is so good!

I recently received the steel cut oatmeal by Quaker. It is so good the texture is perfect, and it has a hearty taste. It will also leave you feeling satisfied. I can explain it as a stick to the ribs, (I'm Full) feeling. It only takes three minutes to make and its ready to be served. My kiddos love the flavor and texture to which is a plus so I don't always have to make a full meal for them in the busy mornings, and I feel better knowing they got a good hot meal that they actuallly like and are happy to have. Since receiving this product we ran out quick in our home. I had to go buy more. I have shared coupons with co-workers and friends so they to can get a experience at a great hot meal. Funny thing is my kids have asked to have it as a snack at night. Our familys favorite is the brown sugar flavor. #Gotitfree #BZZagent!