Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SunLabz D-Rechargeable Batteries NiMH 10000mAh Work Great!

I recently received the SunLabz D rechargeable Batteries. I love them. They work so good, and I am always in need of Batteries. Having Batteries I can Recharge is great! Here is what This company has to say about Sunlabz mission: Sunlabz is to provide smart energy solutions that will encourage more people to switch to rechargeable batteries and other Eco-friendly energy sources. In the United States alone, each year 2.9 billion batteries are thrown away with 179,000 Tons of them ending up in Landfills. By taking a small step through switching to rechargeable batteries and recycling old cells we can make a difference together! I think this is a smart financial choice. The Batteries cells last longer and can be recharged over and over again, Just imagine how much we can all save by having these batteries. Another great thing about this company and their batteries is, They can be recharged 1000x times, this means you are getting more out of each cell and can depend on their quality for any applications from cameras to flashlights, remote controls and more. I am so happy to finally have batteries they will last me a super long time. I would highly recommend these batteries to everyone, Lets face it we all use them so why not get more for our buck! I received this product in exchange for a honest review and opinions are 100% my own and unbiased.