Thursday, August 13, 2015

Excercise Stability Ball by Pavandeep. Is Amazing!

I recently received the Excercise Stability Ball by Pavandeep. This ball is so much fun to use. You don't have to just be a yoga person to use it either. My kids are getting exercise they need using it to. Here is what the company says it is great for: "perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Core Training, Gym, Fitness, Fitballing and even Labour & Birth. Ideal to use as a desk chair: change your chair for the Stability Ball a couple of hours a day and stay fit, avoid back pain, and train your core and pelvic muscles." I know it works great for delivery and Labor My daughter used it. It has been the best exercise equipment I have received . I like using it when I am sitting at my home computer because it really does release any stress in my back. This is a product I would recommend to everyone because it gives you a great stretch, perfect for exercise, and it has many health benefits when using it regularly. I am including a link as to where you can purchase yours today at an amazing price and super fast shipping: I received this product in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and opinions are 100% my own!