Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good Times and Hard Times with my BFF!

well lets be honest here, you don't always have good times you have to have some bad times to in order to consider the friendship a real one or not right? Lets face it we don't agree on everything and that is what makes us unique in our own special way! However we do have a lot in common to and we help each other out, and forgive each other. We also agree to disagree and move on. we don't hold grudges. and we reach out to one another in times of need to. I would have to say we have the same like for movies and interests. We used to do Zumba together and that was always fun until both of us had to have surgeries which has prevented a lot of seperation over the last year. Now we run our kids to cheerleading, and shop and share stories of our home life. we both have kids so our interests and family values are pretty much the same. We learn from each other and correct eachother with out the other getting mad! We always have good intentions and sometimes they get broken as far as plans we make or whatever the situation may be. We do talk on the phone and also share the same love for social media and what kind of deals we can find. We both like talking and sharing about what we got or are doing!. Its great to have a friend you can trust with things you may need to talk about with someone and not have them repeat it but be there to listen to them vent and get it off their chest..(if ya know what I mean) No judging allowed just hear them out, and maybe offer advice. I feel like that is what we do. Do we ever get annoyed with one another? Of course we do thats human nature. I get annoyed with my family to. This doesn't mean I don't love them. True friendship is everything I just talked about, and very hard to find. I love my BFF and nothing could change that! Even if I don't tell her I think she knows!